Author Tara Galeano is a certified sex therapist and sexual empowerment coach who has worked with women and couples for over two decades to get their sexy back.
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RMB Masterclass

This is about SEX 

and ALL aspects of your life!


The RMB foundational digital masterclass is designed to invigorate you to commit to
…the value that you bring to every moment,
…increased intimacy with yourself,
…know and have an unshakeable sense of your self-worth,
so you can move you from NOT valuing
your personal treasures of Time, Money, and ATTENTION
to valuing YOU!


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Is this for you?

Perhaps you never learned how to be sexy and confident, to own your pleasure and sensuality, or to trust yourself when it comes to sex – whether you want it or you don’t. 

Maybe you used to be confident, alive, and feel pleasure but being disappointed by partners or life has dragged that out of you.

You’re not alone!

Many women experience disconnection when it comes to acting on their desires, experiencing pleasures, and hearing the wisdom of their bodies. 

Trust Yourself! 

Imagine yourself… 

  • Knowing exactly how to hear your truth in your body 
  • Transforming any latent body and sexual shame into body wisdom 
  • Being present in, proud of, and connected to your body – whatever its current shape and size - in such a way that people can’t help but see and receive you 
  • Developing real relationships stemming from honesty 
  • Learning where your desire lives in your body 
  • Becoming increasingly willing to have what you want 
  • Living your life as a sensual adventure and a better lover
  • Mistress of your own pleasure centers!  


It is time to release the performative paradigm

and allow yourself to RECEIVE!


This is your guide, Sexual Empowerment Coach,

Tara Galeano.  

I’m Tara Galeano, sexual empowerment coach. Despite being a veteran in the field of sexuality as a sex therapist, and having a strong intuitive connection to something bigger than myself, I still struggled with knowing and completely trusting myself for years.

I was the one who predicted the time my daughter would be born within minutes because my body wisdom told me months prior. Yet, I was also the one who stayed in a toxic marriage for many years beyond when my body started speaking to me and telling me to leave because I didn't believe it. I didn’t want my life to change because then I’d have to know what I truly desired, have the courage to activate it, and believe what I wanted mattered most.

In fact, in the moment my former husband pushed me up against a wall in a fit of rage, I found myself sexually turned on because it was the first honest exchange that had happened between us in years. I desired more truth.

In numbing myself to stay in my marriage, I had numbed so much of what makes me so beautiful. And perhaps you have too? 

It wasn’t until I began facilitating groups for women who were cancer survivors in the work I called “Rediscovering My Body” in 2012 that I knew that I needed to do that work for myself. Not only that, but I realized that ALL women, every sex therapy client I’d had, every sister, all of us, needed to stop thinking about sex techniques to please our partner and go back to the basics of listening and knowing our bodies, pleasures, and desires.

These basics that we were never taught. 

Practicing this made all the difference for me (now happily divorced and exploring relationships!)

It’ll make a difference for you too.

I invite you to join today!


A sensual journey to reconnect with yourself sexually, intimately, and completely.

In this journey into the surprising foundations of fabulous sex, you will: 
  1. Discover the wisdom of your body (it is your best guide) 

  2. Learn to trust and claim your desire (out loud, with witnesses) 

  3. Become available to receive so much pleasure! (In more ways than just sex!) 

When you master the foundations, you will not only be ready to get intimate physically (with yourself or a partner), you will get so much more!

Limited seating available.

Do you know...

Body image is the number one inhibitor that women have identified preventing them from connecting sexually with themselves or others. 


  • What would it be like for you to feel confident and sexy in your body?
  • What would you dare do if you felt that way completely and utterly more often, if not all the time? 
  • How would you feel about yourself if you accepted your body/yourself fully?
  • How would that impact your life?
  • How would people see you? 

Turn that body shame into body wisdom!

Do you know...

  • There are so many ways that sensual pleasures can be experienced, through what we smell, hear, see, taste, and feel. Yet often sensual experience is limited to one prescribed way. 
  • Is a chocolate candy slowly melting in your mouth pleasurable?
  • How about cool rain against your warm skin? 
  • Or the scratch of your nails gently rubbing against the surface of your own skin? Learn to embrace sensuality more in your everyday life, simply and immediately.

Do you know...

So many women reference outside of themselves because they think that the answer is there. The reality is:

  • We hold the answers within. 
  • When we learn to honor our relationship with ourselves, we recognize that.
  • When we honor ourselves, our relationship with others begins to improve as well.

Let your body wisdom show you how to fully show up for yourself. 


Together we will unpack body image and body wisdom, pleasure and sensuality, and how your desire shows up in relationship with yourself and others. 

This program will allow you to explore the more intimate facets of yourself in a safe space. What does it mean to be sexy? 

How does one embrace sexy? (Now as you are, after having a baby, or reaching menopause, a breakup or divorce) 

If you allow sexuality to be a vital life force in your life it can be, all you have to do is drop in and give yourself permission to find out more about who you truly are.

Sign me up Now.

This class is for you. Are you ready?

The structure of our RMB Masterclass

This work happens in three main areas:

Desire, Pleasure, and Body Wisdom. 


Your Program Includes: 

  •  Access to the newly created digital course!
  •   Including  downloadable audiofiles, course pdfs, and transcripts.
  • Resource Garden with exclusive videos 


  • New Moon intention setting ritual format, instructions, and ceremony.


What You Will Get

Curriculum Overview: 

Your Body’s Wisdom 

There is so much wisdom available to you all the time! You’ll learn how energy lives in your body and how to harness it. Get to know your chakras, or core energy centers. Explore masculine and feminine energy and how they show up for you. Understand the Pelvic Bowl as the seat of feminine power.


It’s Desire time! Let’s find out what is calling to your soul, sexually, and in all areas of your life (most likely it is some other area that will lead you back to mind-blowing sex). We’ll come back to the womb space, learn to listen to your inner voice, claim and express it! 


Here we’ll learn what pleasure means for you, beyond the bedroom. Create your own personal pleasure roadmap by learning which of your senses have just been waiting for you to pay attention! We’ll explore vaginal massage, ovarian fire, and the union of the masculine and feminine and the blessing of the ancestors. 




 In our journey together you can expect to: 

  1. Transform your connection to your body 
  2. Understand the blocks in your body 
  3. Feel more deeply the flow of energy in your body 
  4. Increase your experience of pleasure in your body 
  5. Relate more clearly to your masculine and feminine energy creating an effortless Union between the two 
  6. Embrace the innate wisdom of your body 
  7. Speak your desires out loud 
  8. Expand your vocabulary of sensuality and liberate your communication of your pleasure with others 
  9. And so much more! 

How is that feeling? Are you leaning in? 

Pause for a moment, place your hands on your body and breathe. Ask her. Is she ready for you to listen deeper, trust more, and ask for what SHE needs? 

Your inner wisdom always knows. 

If this is for you, click the link below.

The container begins the moment that you register. Your body will begin showing up for you because she knows you are now showing up for her! 

There is no wrong decision.

There is only your decision to put yourself first.

 From my sacral to yours, you are such love. I’ll see you soon. 



I am ready!

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A brief note from Tara

I do this because I'm ready for a transformed world where women claim their own pleasure freely, openly, and unapologetically; a world where we can identify our desire and speak it out loud fearlessly, lovingly, and courageously.

I believe pleasure is our birthright. When women can listen, know, and love their bodies they begin to tap into their inherent wisdom. This is powerful. This where we are going!

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