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Do you ever wonder what happened to your desire to feel pleasure? Or sensually be in your body?


Do you ever feel like you are doing more in your relationships for the other person than you are for you, so much so that you don’t remember what you actually want anymore?


Do you feel so disconnected from your own truth that you’re afraid to make any decision for fear that it might be the wrong one?

Perhaps you used to feel sexy, alive, confident, and purposeful, but being let down by others has dragged that out of you.


Or perhaps you never learned how to be confident, present to your desire, and sensually alive in your body.

Many of us didn't. 


Welcome to 

Your True Desire


In this 60-minute no-cost experience, you will learn:

  • How to be present in your body, without any expectation of an outcome.
  • Where your desire lives and what it is telling you. 
  • Why telling the truth to yourself is the key to your personal power.
  • What your truth is now.


Your True Desire is an experience, not a class. From this experience, you will receive the gift of your own felt sense. You'll also learn to know what is true for you in this moment and every moment, if you allow it, maybe in a way that you haven’t given yourself permission to feel it in years.

Your True Desire is an intimate space for confidential exploration - share as much or as little as you’d like.


Your True Desire is held by me, Tara Galeano. I am passionate about this work because I stayed way too long in a marriage that I knew deep down was not right for me, for so many reasons - but mostly because I got really good at not knowing what I wanted and believing that was my truth.


I’ve come to discover that my clear knowing is actually my greatest gift.


I’m going to assert that it's your greatest gift too - but let's discover if that's true, together.


Your True Desire is happening at 4 pm PT/7 pm ET, Tuesday, June 8th, 2021 and is being held on Zoom. (Camera on or off is OK; your choice.)


You will get out of it what you put into it, but this experience has the potential to change everything for you.

In just one hour.

Because that’s how I like to work -

efficiently and potently.


Let’s get truthful about our desires.

Will I see you there?


Much love,

About Tara Galeano

Tara Galeano is a certified sex therapist who has worked with women for over two decades to get their sexy back.

She knows that there is pleasure in the body, beyond our wildest dreams, and every woman can access it. In “Rediscovering My Body”, Tara teaches women how to show up for pleasure in their lives.

She rediscovered her own body after leaving her twenty-five-year marriage. Realizing that she had given so much of herself away, she knew that she needed to come back to the inherent wisdom of the body. Through reconnecting with her body, Tara was able to know what was true for her, how best to proceed from this wisdom, what was true pleasure, and most importantly, how to teach these lessons to other women who are clamoring for the same truths so that they too can transform their lives and reclaim their sensuality.

Now Tara has embodied this path and is moving forward to share this with women everywhere with her book, her online courses, and community, and her retreats. She lives in San Francisco with her soul sister and is learning how to live more fully in her nomadic heart.

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