Author Tara Galeano is a certified sex therapist and sexual empowerment coach who has worked with women and couples for over two decades to get their sexy back.

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The Rediscovering My Body Book is an investigative journal where you discover yourself. It's filled with activities, exercises, and prompts to set you up on a discovery process where all the data points lead back to you. Begin to understand better who you are, your personal history, and what got you stuck in the past. Take a deeper dive into yourself with this video book. Author Tara Galeano presents and reads her work, Rediscovering My Body.

Here's what women are saying:

Rebecca Tervo

What I expected was a regular book to read about how I can embrace my sexuality in a bigger way. What I got was a beautiful book with illustrations, journal pages and exercises to guide me through the process of Rediscovering My Body. I am excited to buy markers to draw in all the space that has been left in this book for me to express my creativity as I go through the process Tara has laid out.

Mishel Gantz

From the beautiful cover, the artistic drawings on every page, even the texture of the pages themselves. From there the book becomes a thoughtful self-help guide in the process of rediscovering yourself! What a gift. incredible knowledge and insight of the author is shared as she walks you step-by-step through a series of mind/ body exercises, prompted journaling and reflection & organizing of ones thoughts.

Darla LeDoux

I love the way Tara guides readers through a series of exercises and reflections that cause us to consider our own personal relationship with our bodies. This is not simply a book of information, but rather an active experience. It is about sex and pleasure, but it is also about intuition and learning to love and trust yourself. And the graphics and space for journaling make it a fun experience.

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