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A Day of Virtual Mastery Experience 

This holistic journey reconnects the odyssey of the mind and the exquisite pleasures of the body through the senses.  

Perfectly spread over one-day to mobilize you immediately. 

You’re ready, right?

When: February 13th

9 AM to 3 PM Pacific time | 12 PM to 6 PM East Coast time





Here's the raw truth. In March of 2020, a global pandemic sent the collective human race into fight, flight, or freeze activating the sympathetic nervous system. The demand to be isolated from others and the consequences of these lack of connections were sustained 24-7. This inevitably reshaped the neural pathways of our mind and shifted our endocrine system to a sea of cortisol. Most of us are not even aware that we are in a fight, flight, or freeze pattern. It was not safe to be in a body or near any other body was the message driven into our psyches. The reality is that turning off that switch does not happen easily. We need tools and support, so that we may safely reenter our body's sanctuary and reconnect with others.  

 Remember a time when your life was less complicated. Dropping into your primal physical self was so much easier. When we squeeze time to have an intimate experience, we set the stage for pleasure to be one more box on the list to be checked and get done. We can't seem to stop thinking about all the demands waiting for us afterwards; it is so distracting. We try to think our way through the moments of pleasure instead of melting into them.

It's not your fault. Society has seduced us into this busy mode. Running in so many directions at once and scrolling information at light speed is our new norm. This conditions us to stay firmly rooted in our head. Our physical needs and desires take a back seat. If we are not conscious of this disconnect, our capacity to reconnect becomes atrophied. The mind looping this kind of behavior has a tough time solving this by itself. The exciting news is that you don't have to do this alone. We have paved the path back home to your body and paired it with a carefully curated toolbox of essential oils that have the capacity to cut through that brain chatter to reawaken your senses and set the stage of intimacy for you. The invitation is that we can begin to flex the muscle needed to calm the mind and return to our body again




My name is Gwen Kazlouskas-Noyes. I am an Essential Oil Guru, Mindset Coach, and Master Energy Healer.  

In this lifetime, I have always been in awe of the perfection and genius of the natural world. Studying plants, animals, and all things biology was my version of Disneyland.  

As a natural-born teacher, I led tens of thousands of people out into my ocean classroom and helped them explore the natural world through my lens. I understood that I could ask people to read a textbook or watch a documentary as a way to learn, and it would pique their interest for a moment. However, to bring them to the wild and show them a humpback whale breaching at sunset with the birds dancing in the surf while breathing in the briny smell of the ocean-inspired a full symphony of the senses. It was magic to watch how quickly this would quiet their brain chatter and open their hearts, dropping them back into their body. These people would return to a childlike state of wonder and leave my boat animated, joyful, and present.

This discovery that the transformational journey from the brain chatter back to the heart and body was through the senses was big. Still, it didn't fully land for me until years later when I discovered the modality of Essential Oils. 

After 21 years working on the water, the seasonal nature of working with migratory animals caused me to shift into a 14-year detour into western medicine. Each part of my life has informed the next important part of my journey, which has led me to the magic I do now. 

My passion for the modality of Essential Oils is firmly rooted in my love of biology and comprehension of the natural world's divine perfection and healing powers. I was blown away by how squarely the modality of essential oils aligned with my life purpose to serve as a vehicle to help empower and create a better human experience.  



I’m Tara Galeano, sexual empowerment coach. Despite being a veteran in the field of sexuality as a sex therapist, and having a strong intuitive connection to something bigger than myself, I still struggled with knowing myself in this way for years.

I was the one who predicted the time my daughter would be born to within minutes because my body wisdom told me weeks prior. Yet, I was also the one who stayed in a toxic marriage for many years beyond when my body started speaking to me and telling me to leave because I didn't trust it, I didn’t think what I wanted mattered, and I didn’t even remember what pleasure felt like.

In fact, in the moment my former husband pushed me up against a wall in a fit of rage, I found myself sexually turned on because it was the first honest exchange that had happened between us in years. 

In numbing myself to stay in my marriage, I had numbed so much of what makes me so beautiful. And perhaps you have too? 

It wasn’t until I began facilitating groups for women who were cancer survivors in the work I called “Rediscovering My Body” in 2012 that I knew that I needed to do that work for myself. Not only that, but I realized that ALL women, every sex therapy client I’d had, every girlfriend, all of us, needed to stop thinking about sex techniques to please our partner (if they thought of sex at all), and go back to these basics.

Basics that we were never taught. 

Practicing this made all the difference for me (now happily divorced and exploring dating!) And it will make a difference for you too.


This one-day holistic journey reconnects the odyssey of the mind and the exquisite pleasures of the body through the senses. This course includes a set of carefully curated dōTERRA certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils that are specifically chosen for the healing and aphrodisiac properties they hold. When used with proper education and understanding of what these oils are capable of, coupled with new expansive thoughts learned in this course, this can become the foundation of your intimacy first aid kit. Created to nurture and heal your relationship between your mind, body & spirit, and if you choose, with your partner too. 


During our time together, you will be shown the art of

  • Soothing the noise of the mind using your essential oils so you can hear and reconnect with your inner desires. 
  • Be reminded that at this moment, it is safe to be in your body and that pleasure is your birthright, and prioritizing your pleasure is your responsibility. 
  • Discover what kinds of healing and pleasure each of your new oils have the capacity to access and techniques to put them to work for you.  


When we prioritize our pleasure and learn how to integrate the mind's conversation with the desires the body craves, we rediscover heaven on earth within us.

Imagine yourself…

  • Learning how essential oils work in so many ways to heighten our human experience
  • Understanding how to choose the right oil to transport you to new sensual experiences
  • Getting underneath the brain chatter that distracts us from feeling aroused
  • Feeling safe in your body again.
  • Anchoring your pleasurable experiences your body experiences into your nervous system for recall at a future time  
  • Remembering that pleasure is a choice and a birthright that you are entitled to.
  • Creating a ritual of nurturing your needs is a new holistic approach to a healthy and happy life. Without shame and guilt 
  • Learning to communicate your desires effectively
  • Being empowered with an entirely new way to access and heighten your pleasure
  • Treating pleasure as a non-negotiable prescription to a happier and more fulfilled life.

Do you know that the mind is the most powerful sexual organ in our body?

If you align with a thought…it is true for you. This includes your thoughts and emotions about what turns you on and what blocks you from reaching arousal. The most liberating truth is that your thoughts and emotions are malleable and can be changed. Shaping your thoughts can change the trajectory of your reality. 
  • What would it feel like to access the part of your brain connected to your emotional experiences without toxins or risk of addictions?
  • How would you like to experience the power of reframing your thoughts to a new and empowered reality, which would include more pleasure?
  • How would it feel to learn about and master oils and techniques that could stimulate your mental, nervous, cellular, olfactory, chemical, and energetic systems in your body in tandem?
  • Imagine being able to holistically and safely shift the chemistry in your body from a sea of cortisol (stress hormones) to a sea of endorphins and oxytocin (pleasure hormones). Think of how that shift could positively impact every system in your body.
  • How would everyone in your circle of influence benefit if you could finally start showing up with a full cup, happy and restored rather than stressed and depleted? 
"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" -Mary Oliver
We live within the sanctuary of the most luxurious and sophisticated pleasure machines ever imagined, the Human Body.     
The amount of time we get to embody a sensual life in our exquisite body is too short to experience all the pleasures it wants to give you. Moments spent unconscious and disconnected from the sensual pleasures of the body are precious moments lost.  
Through this day-long program, we have masterfully curated the tools and techniques and cultivated a safe space to raise our consciousness and empower you. We will help you create a sacred practice of pleasure with essential oils and help you call back your energy and choose to make yourself a priority again. Does this inspire an expansive feeling around your heart and throat? That is your soul and mind communicating a resounding YES! This class is what you have been waiting for.  

The Structure of our Oils & Intimacy One-Day Retreat

We will explore three main focus areas.

Clearing space in the mind. Learning techniques to reframe thoughts from distraction away from pleasure. For pleasure to be the driving force.

Exploring the emotional, physical, healing, and aphrodisiac properties of your new essential oils. This will build a robust foundation to navigate this modality in the bedroom and beyond.

Creating a practice using your oils to unite the mind, body & spirit in ways that awaken the senses to pleasure. Making a practice of experiencing pleasure a priority can enhance every aspect of your human experience. 



  • Group Zoom meeting for a full day packed with learning, sharing, and questions. 
  • A private, confidential FB group where you will receive support and share your insights, and post questions.
  • An exquisite collection of doTERRA Essential Oils and access to wholesale pricing for doTERRA wellness products along with support to put them to work for you. 
  • Discount on our next collaborative program


  • Limited to those who sign up by 2/4/22
  • A private Wellness consultation with Gwen to deep dive into the top three health goals and concerns you have and what doTERRA products and protocols can best support them. 
  • A Private 30 min consultation with Tara. 
  • An oil use PDF 
  • Access to a VIP Facebook group for ongoing essential oil education and support.

What You Will Get

Curriculum Overview: 

Come to you with self-acceptance and grace. 


Meet your guides and experience the joyful energy of these two goddesses as they co-create the space for our magical journey together. 

Set the intention for our time together. 

Experience with featured oil: 

BERGAMOT The Oil Of Self Acceptance.  

The properties of this oil turn down the inner critic and open us up to loving what is.  

We will invite Bergamot to enhance a guided meditation to help open your mind to receive this experience and become clear on your desired outcome for this class. We will teach you how to anchor yourself in your body and lean into your physical experience and open you up to loving every aspect of your body exactly as it is. 

We will weave in some foundational information about various applications of essential oils, how they impact the body uniquely, and why therapeutic grade essential oils communicate to the body so effectively.       

Expanding our self-love and trust.  

Something very magical happens when we can drop from our heads and into our hearts. For this, we call upon the energy of Geranium essential oil to help ease us into that part of our pilgrimage.   

GERANIUM: The oil of love and trust.   

As geranium essential oil helps open up the 4th chakra in this guided meditation, we will examine the difference between our heart emotions and our thought emotions. When we are equipped to tell the difference between the two, we are empowered to call back our energy from the things we are carrying that are not ours to carry and reinvest our energy into the things that align us with our purpose, passion, and pleasure.     

 Let's kick it up a notch.  

We invite Jasmine to take the spotlight as our featured oil.  

Jasmine The oil of Sexual Purity & Balance.  She is more like the oil or pure sexuality as she holds powerful healing and aphrodisiac properties. We will welcome the erotic pleasures of Jasmine oil to seduce us back into our bodies and arouse our passion.

As we bring you through your guided meditation experience, we will showcase how Jasmine raises the energy of desire in mind and feel how it sets a chain reaction that spreads through your body like wildfire. Let's spend some time exploring some beautiful ways your body is hardwired for arousal, how to approach your body with a new curiosity, and embrace the ride almost as much as the destination. 

Feel the heat.

Ylang Ylang is a very hot oil. As the oil of the inner child, I know that the child archetype is one of the most powerful, and I would love to honor that and speak to honoring the inner child. We will become playful and more loving. Let’s explore this together in laughter and joy.

Ylang Ylang, The oil of the Inner Child

 We turn up the heat.

Sometimes the journey to pleasure can be a bit more hot…like cinnamon.

Cinnamon:  The Oil of Sexual Harmony Is literally a warmer. As we crack open this beauty for our practice today and explore her healing properties, we will want to pair it with fractionated coconut oil. She will warm and stimulate us in surprising ways and invite a little bit of excitement. 

We will explore the art of blending your oils.  

Share a couple of sensual recipes. 




Invitation to the next collaborative opportunity?


In our journey together you can expect to: 

Understand and experience the holistic healing powers of essential oils

  • Learn how to calm the mind and reframe your thoughts to invite more pleasure

    Reconnect your mind, body & spirit

    Get curious about what your body desires. 

    Learn that your pleasure is your birthright and that the more we live in that high vibration, the more we will manifest that will bring more pleasure. 

    Feel how you can shift and intensify the energy flowing through your body. 

    And so much more!

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