5 Day Unplug and Connect Retreat

5-Day  journey to reconnect with yourself and your partner intimately and completely.
When: Sept 9-13, 2021
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Has the spark left your relationship?

What will your life look like in 5 years if this doesn't change?

You are not alone!  So many couples have experienced this.

We often try to skip over these important lessons, then find ourselves stuck. Life will bring us the same challenges over and over until we get the message. The couple who commits to overcoming the challenge will come out the other side feeling more love and connection than ever before.  

We know… We’ve both been there...  We are Tara Galeano and John Rozenberg. 

A bit about us...

I’m Tara Galeano  

sexual empowerment coach. Despite being a veteran in the field of sexuality as a sex therapist, and having a strong intuitive connection to something bigger than myself, I still struggled with communicating authentically and showing up with my significant other.


I was the one who taught others to become more communicative in their relationships, increase intimacy, and have better sex. Yet, I was also the one who stayed in a toxic marriage for many years because I didn’t think what I wanted really mattered, and honestly, I didn’t even know how to honestly express it, so he could hear me.


In numbing myself to stay in my marriage, what I learned were all the ways that a relationship could be sustained but not be fulfilling. Now I know so much more about how to create a loving relationship based on honesty, integrity, and communication.


As I became more aware, I realized that ALL couples, every sex therapy client I’d had, every person in a relationship, all of us, needed to go back to these basics.

I’m John Rozenberg  

an Intuitive Healer, Master Kambo Practitioner, Sexuality Coach, and Life Mastery Mentor. I approach my work in a unique fashion; I’m clairsentient. I literally “feel” what others feel. My gift enables me to guide people intuitively into the blocks that prevent them from realizing their true potential.  

In year 15 of an 18 year relationship/marriage, I realized that I was not walking my talk. I was coaching couples on clear and honest communication, and my own marriage was a mess.  We had grown in different directions and had fallen into a pattern of resentment and status quo. Neither one of us was happy and after three long years of “trying,” we divorced.  

I then found “The One.” She was the one I felt would be with me to the grave. That ended after 10 years. My heart was broken, shattered. I was lost. I took a deep dive into questioning everything I knew, or thought I knew about being in relationship/partnership/marriage/love.  

I’ve been on this planet in this body for almost 60 years. I’ve had every kind of relationship from monogamy to ethical non-monogamy, from white picket fence to S&M to Tantra to… you get the picture. If I haven’t done it, one of my clients has, and I’ve heard about it in graphic detail. 

What I’ve learned is that nothing is too weird, or exclusively one person’s desire. One man’s kink is another woman’s normal. We all like what we like. As long as you’re not doing physical or emotional harm to another, nothing is off limits. Live it up and enjoy! 

Tell me what you would love your relationship and your life to look like, and I will show you the path to attaining it. 

“My life’s work is to guide you to define, create, and live the life of your dreams.”

So that’s us…

Join us on September 9th - 13th for Unplug And Connect Retreat.

A 5-Day  journey to reconnect with yourself and your partner intimately and completely.


In this journey into the surprising foundations of couple’s communication, you will learn to:

  1. Identify and articulate your needs and wants

  2. Listen to your partner deeply and respond lovingly

  3. Understand the basic differences between how men and women think

Imagine yourself…

  • Feeling heard and understood by your partner
  • Transforming desires into adventures
  • Being present with, proud of, and connected to your partner 
  • Feeling safe enough to share your deepest desires with your partner
  • Having your wants needs and desires met and satisfied
  • Learning exactly how to meet your partner’s wants needs and desires
  • Becoming increasingly willing to have what you want and getting it
  • Living your life free to say what you feel without fear of consequence
  • Knowing without a doubt that your partner has your back no matter what


It is time to step into your divinity and show your man just how powerful and compassionate the divine feminine can be. 



This is your opportunity to show her that you are capable of listening, feeling, and loving while standing strong in your masculine.

The masculine/feminine dance can be a beautiful waltz or a mosh pit. Anyone can jump into a mosh pit, but to learn to dance a beautiful flowing waltz takes instruction and practice. In the beginning, you may step on each other’s toes a few times, but with patience, you will learn how to easily respond to your partner’s subtle cues.



You are cordially invited to relationship dance class. 

  • Day 1:  Speaking your Truth. 

  • Day 2: Listening courageously to your partner.  

  • Day 3: Understanding the differences between how men and women communicate. 

You can expect to:

  • Transform how you communicate with your partner
  • Understand each other’s patterns, needs, desires 
  • Feel more deeply the flow of energy in your body 
  • Learn the one thing you can do that will immediately shift any conflict into a loving exchange
  • Develop an understanding of how masculine and feminine energy works in balance

The bottom line:

The bottom line:

What will your life look like in 5 years if nothing changes?

What could be possible if you overcome this challenge?

Questions? Please email...


Frequently Asked Questions

I like these to be smaller groups. Therefore this event is capped at twelve couples. This number often enhances the experience.

As this is an introductory workshop, there is no need for prerequisites. You may show up as you are.

This is about prioritizing you. All five days are your gift to you. Make it happen for you.


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